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Website Freezing/ Server Overload When Generating Blog Posts

Heartbeat is a free plugin by WP Rocket that can help alleviate website freezing issues when generating multiple blog posts. The main function of the Heartbeat plugin is to manage the WordPress Heartbeat API, which sends real-time data between your browser and your server.

The API is responsible for various background tasks, such as autosaving drafts, showing notifications, and updating the real-time user list in the admin area.

When you are generating multiple blog posts, especially in the first draft phase, the Heartbeat API can consume significant server resources due to its continuous communication with the server.

This can lead to website freezing or slower performance, as the server struggles to handle the increased load.

Server limitations, such as available memory, processing power, and bandwidth, can also affect the server load when generating multiple blog posts. If your server resources are not sufficient to handle the increased load, it may result in slow performance or even a temporary freeze of your website.

I recommend installing the “Heartbeat Control by WP-Rocket” plugin. Then modifying the Heartbeat interval to 200 or more seconds.

wp rocket heartbeat plugin

This effectively reduces the frequency of requests made by the Heartbeat API, thus decreasing the load on your server.

This will significantly improve the performance of your website when generating multiple blog posts, especially during the first draft phase and allows you to generate content more efficiently and without negatively impacting your website’s performance.

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