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How Do I Scrape Research Data For Bulk Publishing

Research Data Scraping is one of our newest SEO features that has now been integrated into the latest version of the Bulk Publishing AI WordPress Plugin.

This feature allows you to scrape the SERPs for a particular keyword and receive and up-to-date AI-generated summary of the consensus for the search term.

The feature operates on a credit-based system, meaning you only pay for what you use.

You will receive 100 free credits with your purchase.

1 credit = 1 scrape.

Which Variables Are Scraping Variables?

At present, you can scrape Research Data and Secondary Keywords.

  • Research Data is an analysis of the SERP data from a given query, combined and summarized using AI. This ensures that nothing is taken word for word, but is analysed and produced from a consensus of the information on the SERPs.

    Research Data
  • Secondary Keywords is a combination of Google’s related keywords and AI-related keywords. This will give you a full-scope of the terms to use within the body of your blog. You will get a combined total search volume for the scraped keywords. However, you will not get any search volume data for the AI-related keywords.

    Secondary Keywords

    keyword data

For example, in the image above, the main keyword was “adcc jiu jitsu”. Search volume was pulled for the Google scraped related-keywords and then AI filled in semantically and contextually related keywords that should be included in the blog post.

You might want to use this variable ({secondaryKeywords}) to inform the prompt for the First Draft, Introduction, or even FAQs so that it uses them naturally, in context.

Mapping Secondary Keywords To Post Tags

In addition, Secondary Keywords can be set as tags from in the Settings menu.

Column Settings

AI Model Settings For Research Data Scraping

As with all prompts in Bulk Publishing AI WP, the model settings can be tweaked for best results.

Before scraping, head over to the settings tab and set the max tokens and temperature to your liking. For best results, we highly recommend scraping using GPT-4 and setting the max tokens to 4000.

This will give you a lengthy and well-analysed response.

Screenshot 2023 07 22 at 03.05.49

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