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Full Post First Draft Editor

Here is an example of the output the First Draft Generator gives.

The output is raw and has not been edited.

The purpose of the First Draft Generator is to give you a bare-bones article to build upon. Either by adapting it yourself, hiring an editor, or running it back into the sheet and expanding on each section in the same fashion, using another prompt.

There is a full breakdown of how to do this in the course.

First Draft Generator Prompt:

First Draft Generator Output:

<h2>What Are The Benefits Of Apples For Cockatiels?</h2> 
Apples are a nutrient-rich fruit packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. These nutrients help to improve your cockatiel’s overall health, as well as their immune system, digestive system and skin. Additionally, apples contain dietary fiber that can aid in digestion and promote healthy gut bacteria. <br>  
When given the proper amount of apple pieces or slices, apples can be a great source of nutrition for your pet bird. They are an excellent choice for providing essential vitamins and minerals while also offering some variety in your cockatiel’s diet.<br> 

<h2>Can Cockatiels Eat Apples Safely? </h2> 
The short answer is yes! It is perfectly safe for cockatiels to eat apples when they are served correctly. Before feeding them any apple pieces or slices it's important to make sure you remove all seeds from the fruit first - these contain compounds that can be toxic to birds if ingested.<br><b>Important:</b><br> Never feed your cockatil apple core or stem as these parts may cause choking hazards due to their hard texture. You should also avoid feeding them cooked apples since this could lead to gastrointestinal discomfort.<br><b></b><u></u>.

<h3>Making Apple Treats For Your Cockatil </h3 > 
If you're looking for ways to spice up your bird's diet with something special then why not try making homemade treats using fresh ingredients like apples? All you need is one ripe red apple (just make sure there are no bruises or rotten spots), two tablespoons of peanut butter (unsalted only!), honey and oats.<br><br /> First start by cutting the apple into small cubes - about ¼ inch each - then place them in a bowl along with the peanut butter and honey. Mix everything together until it forms a thick paste-like consistency before adding in the oats slowly while stirring continuously until combined.<br><Br /> Once everything has been mixed together spoon out portions onto parchment paper lined baking sheets before placing them inside an oven preheated at 350°F/176°C bake time will depend on how thin or thick you made each treat so keep an eye on them every 5 minutes until lightly golden brown around edges.</p>.

 <h2> How Much Apple Should I Feed My Cockatil ? </h2> 
It's always best practice not to overfeed fruits like apples because too much sugar can be unhealthy for birds . As such , experts recommend limiting servings sizes depending on breed size . For example , smaller breeds like parakeets may only require one teaspoon per day whereas larger breeds like African Grey Parrots will likely benefit from two teaspoons per day . Furthermore , many veterinarians suggest starting off slow by introducing just half a teaspoon initially before gradually increasing amounts over time .< br >< br > If possible , aim for organic varieties since they tend have fewer pesticides than conventional ones but if those aren't available then opt instead for locally grown produce which generally contains more nutrients than imported types . It's also important bear in mind that different fruits carry different nutritional profiles meaning certain types might provide more benefits than others so mix things up whenever possible!
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